Bank of Queensland issues credit card to cat

Bank of Queensland issues credit card to cat

Australia's Bank of Queensland has apologised for issuing a credit card to a customer's cat after its owner decided to test the bank's identity screening system.

The bank issued a credit card to Messiah the cat after its owner, Katherine Campbell from Melbourne, applied for a secondary card on her account under its name.

According to local press reports the cat was issued a Visa credit card with a A$4200 limit.

Campbell told reporters that the bank requested identification from Messiah but later sent a credit card without receiving any proof of ID. To make matters worse Campbell - who is the primary credit card holder – says she was not notified that a secondary credit card attached to her account had been issued.

The bank has apologised for the error but stated that people who apply for credit cards must sign to confirm the information provided is true. The bank says it will not be taking any legal action against Campbell in this instance.

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