Lloyds TSB introduces online bill payment service

Lloyds TSB introduces online bill payment service

UK bank Lloyds TSB has added a new online bill payments application to its Web banking site that is powered by OneVu, the electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) service set up by Voca and CheckFree.

The new service enables Web banking customers to pay, view and store paperless bills online and is designed to remove the need for customers to deal separately with individual companies or log on to providers' Web sites.

Customers using the Lloyds TSB service are able to view an on-screen snapshot of all their bills and will receive e-mail alerts as and when bill payments are due.

Once a customer has received an alert for a particular bill, they will be able to view a summary of the bill and pay via the Web banking site. Customers will also be able to keep a paperless online record of bills, whether they have paid directly through the site, or using a direct debit or standing order.

Anita Hockin, head of Internet, Lloyds TSB, says research has shown that at least two thirds of the bank's online banking customers want to be able to manage all their bills via the Internet.

"By allowing customers to manage, view and pay paperless bills from the comfort of their armchair, we're sure the popularity of online bill management will go through the roof," says Hockin.

Llpyds TSB says fourteen companies, including utility and telecoms firms, have so far agreed to allow their customers to view and pay bills through the new site.

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