Customers clean out 'double your money' RBS ATM

Customers clean out 'double your money' RBS ATM

Hundreds of customers queued for up to three hours in Bristol last weekend to use a faulty cash machine owned by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) that started dispensing twice the amount of money requested.

According to UK press reports, the machine, which is located in the Clifton area of Bristol, began dispensing £20 for every £10 withdrawn on Saturday.

Customers flocked around the ATM as news of the fault spread for a chance to "double their money". Meanwhile another RBS ATM at the same location, which was operating normally, remained unused. Many customers withdrew cash then queued again for another go.

The unit evenutually ran out of cash at about 6pm on Saturday evening.

A RBS spokeswoman told reporters that due to a "manual error", the machine began dispensing incorrect notes. The problem has now been fixed and the machine is back up and running normally.

She refused to confirm how much money was lost, but warned that the bank had a record of all people who made withdrawals and any discrepancies will be followed up.

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