RBS to put free ATMs in post offices

RBS to put free ATMs in post offices

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is set to roll out 100 free-to-use cash machines across sub-post offices around the UK.

The RBS Group, which includes NatWest, said in July that it would install 300 free-to-use cash machines in some of the UK's poorest areas following a report from national charity Citizens Advice which found that customers in deprived communities are being hit the hardest by ATM charges.

According to the research, the poorest people in the UK and those living in remote rural communities are often forced to use fee-charging ATMs because banks have closed branches and removed free units. As a result, many deprived and rural areas are becoming "free ATM deserts".

RBS says says 100 of the 300 free-to-use cash machines it willl roll out in the UK's poorest communities will go in post offices.

Gordon Pell, chief executive, retail markets, RBS, says: "Lack of free access to cash can badly affect the most vulnerable people in society. Having a free-to-use cash machine close by can make a real difference to the elderly, disabled and those living on a very low income.

"The sub post office network covers many of the UK's most deprived communities, and we hope our offer to install free-to-use machines in these areas will bring benefits to both local residents and SubPostmasters' businesses."

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