Banco Popular Español uses BizTalk for Iberclear message transformation

Banco Popular Español uses BizTalk for Iberclear message transformation

Grupo Banco Popular Español has added Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for Swift to its group-wide integration infrastructure to deal with changes in stock transfer messaging at Spanish securities clearinghouse Iberclear.

The system is now able to convert ISO 15022 standard Swift messages to host messages and back again when information is received or sent from or to Iberclear.

The bank says it is also using the BizTalk Server-based system for other messaging needs, such as accounting associated with Banco Nacional de Credit’s payments, cash-reporting, dealing on bond trading platform Senaf and, in the near future, SwiftNet Funds.

Daniel Sanz, international treasury and securities projects director at Grupo Banco Popular Español, says the system has brought significant productivity improvements to all employees throughout the bank — from the securities transactions processing department to the cash reporting, payments, marketing and sales divisions.

As well as the Accelerator for Swift product, the system also uses Microsoft BizTalk Server as the core integration engine, Microsoft SQL Server as the database and Windows SharePoint Services as a user interface.

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