ING Direct live with RSA authentication technology

ING Direct live with RSA authentication technology

ING Direct has implemented RSA Security's Adaptive Authentication technology to secure Internet log-ins for its online banking customers.

ING Direct, which is the telephone and Web banking arm of Dutch group ING, has introduced a new login process for its Internet banking customers which is powered by the RSA technology.

The Adaptive Authentication product - which is an integrated system created since the vendor acquired New York security software vendor Cyota in 2005 - will deliver an additional layer of behind-the-scenes fraud detection and consumer authentication.

To enroll on the log-in system, ING Direct customers are required select an image from a library and create a personal phrase, which they will recognise when logging into their accounts. When a customer logs in after enrollment they are asked to answer two of the security questions and view their image and phrase so they'll know immediately that it's safe to enter their log-in PIN.

Rudy Wolfs, CIO, ING Direct says the new login process is another way to boost customers' confidence online and provide a sense of security, without placing any burden on the user experience.

Chris Young, senior vice president and general manager, consumer solutions division, RSA Security, comments: "A key consideration for financial institutions today is how to secure their customers without incurring a negative impact on the convenience of the online channel. ING Direct is a great example of how this can be achieved."

The RSA technology also analyses every online transaction and scores the potential fraud-risk based on a broad range of metrics, including the identity of the user's computer, IP address, geographic location and prior transaction behaviours.

RSA says the bank has also implemented its PIN Guard product to further encrypt users' PIN numbers and has signed up to its anti-phishing service, FraudAction.

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