SunGard launches high net worth portal technology

SunGard launches high net worth portal technology

SunGard Asset Management Systems has launched a customised, private-labeled Internet portal solution for financial institutions servicing high net worth clientele. The portal provides one-click access to a bundled technology platform, integrating SunGard technology with software from third party vendors, including Yodlee, Direct Advice, Investment Scorecard and Associated Press.

The Sungard AMS High Net Worth Portal delivers wealth management applications for investment management, trust accounting, private banking, 401k/403b retirement plans, brokerage, IRAs, and online banking, says the company. It deployed within 90 days, either directly or hosted through SunGard's eSourcing facility.

Licensees can use the platform to offer their clients a range of services, including account aggregation, financial planning and advice, research, investment performance, and secure personal e-storage.

SunGard has partnered with Yodlee to offer account aggregation services, providing portal users with a consolidated view of their accounts from multiple institutions. DirectAdvice offers financial planning using an online interview process, or in collaboration with a financial institution's advisors. Investment Scorecard has incorporated online investment performance benchmarking into the the portal. News, weather, sports, stock quotes, charts, and market updates are also provided through an arrangement with Associated Press. Additionally, clients can surf their favorite Web sites without ever leaving the portal using patent pending technology from

The solution also features a secure online personal LockBox facility, which can be used to store and share important financial documents, photos, and images as well as for routing and storing electronic statements, trade confirmations, prospectuses, investment analyst reports and product overviews.

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