Yodlee and CashEdge square up in patent fight

Yodlee and CashEdge square up in patent fight

US account aggregation vendor Yodlee says a federal court ruling strengthens its patent claims against rival company CashEdge.

Yodlee says the ruling, which was issued in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, agreed with its interpretations in six of nine patent claims the company is asserting.

The vendor claims that New York-based CashEdge's products and services are based on technology that it first invented and patented.

Yodlee says the court's order particularly strengthens the coverage of its core technology patent, which it claims is infringed by almost all of CashEdge's product and service offerings.

In addition to monetary damages, Yodlee is seeking to permanently stop CashEdge from continuing to sell or provide all infringing products and services.

But in a separate statement, CashEdge says the court's ruling backs some of its claims against Yodlee.

CashEdge says the court has confirmed its construction of certain key claims in the Yodlee patents and says several of the Yodlee claims were considered by the court to be limited to the specific embodiments of the Yodlee implementations, which confirms its view that the Yodlee patents do not cover its own products.

Sanjeev Dheer, CEO, CashEdge, says the company "continues to believe that it does not infringe any valid claim asserted by Yodlee and expects to prevail in this litigation".

The jury trial in this case is expected to begin on September 17 2007.

In a separate litigation pending in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, CashEdge has sued Yodlee for infringement of its patent, entitled Method And Apparatus For Retrieving And Processing Data.

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