Baltimore to secure ClearStream network

Baltimore to secure ClearStream network

European clearing, custody and settlement provider Clearstream is to use Baltimore SelectAccess to authenticate users over the Internet.

Clearstream has licensed SelectAccess to control who can access data online and to ensure customers are able to view only their own account information. In addition, Clearstream is using Baltimore UniCERT Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system to issue digital certificates - digital forms of identification - to individuals authorised to transact online.

"SelectAccess meets our requirements for fine-grained access control using a variety of authentication mechanisms and provides the flexibility and ease of use that will help us bring this new offering to market quickly," says Paul Rees, manager IT security design and technology of Clearstream Services. "SelectAccess combined with UniCERT ensures that we know who we are conducting business with and lets us provide customers with personalised information."

Robert Legge, vice president of business development at Baltimore Technologies says the implementation will enable ClearStream to more effectively control access and manage user privileges on its corporate network. "Secure extranet management reduces administrative costs; improves and personalises customer experiences through a single point of access; and eliminates the need to build redundant security systems into each application," he says.

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