IBC deploys Saflink fingerprint scanning to authenticate network users

IBC deploys Saflink fingerprint scanning to authenticate network users

Texas-based International Bank of Commerce (IBC) is implementing fingerprint scanning technology from Saflink Corporation which it will use to authenticate the identity of 3200 staff across its branch locations.

IBCC will use Saflink's SAFsolution ingerprint scanning system for user authentication and network across its 200 branch and service centre locations in Texas and Oklahoma.

Washington-based Saslink says the technology allows IBC to replace traditional password-based security measures with biometric fingerprint readers. By mitigating the risk of lost or stolen passwords, the authentication technology can provide more secure access to IBC's network and critical business applications.

"SAFsolution provides the network and application security we felt was missing with traditional passwords," says Chris Loehr, network manager, IBC. "SAFsolution authenticates that our users are on the network when they say they are and provides much stronger safeguards against unauthorised access. At the same time, it also simplifies certain tasks by, for example, making it easier to provide supervisor overrides in some of our teller applications."

Loehr says SAFsolution will also reduce demands on the bank's helpdesk by 30% by eliminating the need for password resets.

Glenn Argenbright, CEO, Saflink, says: "By implementing Saflink's identity assurance management software, IBC was able to obtain the kind of strong authentication it needed to protect against password sharing and increase employee ease-of-use when accessing critical applications."

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