Gemplus and IBM forge chip card alliance

Gemplus and IBM forge chip card alliance

Gemplus and IBM have formed a partnership to offer combined smart card and systems integration and management services to large corporations worldwide.

The two companies say the agreement is aimed at making it easier for companies to manage and deploy multi-application chip cards. It combines Gemplus' experience in card personalisation, issuance and logistics, with IBM's systems integration capabilities and Chip Management System solution.

Gilles Michel, executive VP financial services Gemplus, comments: "Smart Card lifecycle management and integration services are crucial for a successful smart card implementation. This agreement will allow for one-stop shopping and an integrated approach."

A major part of the companies' agreement will focus on the deployment of a Smart Card Life Cycle Management Application. Through using IBM's Chip Management System solution (CMS-e), subscribers will be able to update authorised data elements and add or delete entire applications directly onto the smart card, say the companies. It will also enable issuers to control, monitor, update, or delete card applications such as the addition of new public and private encryption keys and payment or loyalty applications.

Gemplus expects the agreement to give it the muscle to move from card manufacturing into a position where it is able to offer complete lifecycle management and outsourcing solutions for large companies.

In a separate initiative, Gemplus says it will be the first chip card manufacturer to supply the new Proton Prisma multiple-application smart cards. The card - dubbed GemProton Prisma - uses JavaCard technology and is the first smart card to integrate CALC, Proton World's spearhead implementation of the forthcoming Open Platform 2.1 specifications. It will enable issuers in the banking sector to migrate to the new interoperable global standards such as EMV (debit/credit) and CEPS (e-purse), says Belgium-based Proton. It will also be possible to load and remove applications remotely and in a highly secure manner after the cards have been issued.

The first batch of GemProton Prisma cards will be supplied to Banksys in Belgium and Interpay in the Netherlands for use in a forthcoming Proton-inspired pilot implementation of internationally-interoperable CEPS-compliant e-purses in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

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