UK consumer group calls for ID fraud helpdesk services

UK consumer group calls for ID fraud helpdesk services

The UK's National Consumer Council (NCC) is calling on companies to set up dedicated helpdesks for customers who have fallen victim to identity fraud.

The NCC says it wants businesses – especially banks, insurance companies, credit providers, phone and utility companies – to set up sector wide supports services for victims of ID theft.

Claire Whyley of the NCC, says: "ID theft has devastating, extremely stressful and often long-term consequences for its victims. They are left struggling on their own to unravel a complex web of knock-on effects across a plethora of companies and organisations."

The group wants companies to set up dedicated ID fraud customer helpdesks where victims would be allocated a named helper to provide practical help, support and reassurance throughout the time it takes until everything is sorted out.

The NCC also wants the government to encourage companies to adopt a minimum standard of service for dealing with ID fraud to make it easier for consumers to prove their identity.

Ultimately that could lead to a national ID theft help point where consumers could go to report ID fraud, says the NCC.

A US bank-backed Identity Theft Assistance Centre (Itac) was establised last year a free service to consumers. The centre helped restore financial IDs to nearly 700 victims of identity theft during a one-year pilot.

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