Lloyds TSB contracts with Epic for e-learning

Lloyds TSB contracts with Epic for e-learning

Lloyds TSB has launched an initiative with the UK's Epic to take existing face-to-face staff training courses and design an alternative "blended" solution, where e-learning plays a significant role. The initiative is the first of its kind for the UK high street bank.

Epic’s account director for Lloyds TSB, Andrea Miles, says the company is taking a range of courses and applying Epic’s 'learning object methodology' to them. "The ultimate objective is for us to ensure Lloyds TSB can maximise the overall cost effectiveness of their training provision by pinpointing elements of the face-to-face courses that can be delivered effectively online," she says.

The courses that are being converted include the learning of soft skills, management, selling skills, induction and product knowledge.

Lloyds TSB’s group HR business director, Paul Turner, says the project is part of a significant initiative to e-enable the bank's HR function.

Turner adds: "Epic’s response to our brief provided a creative approach to treatment of content, as well as showed an understanding of return on investment and dealing with cultural change in implementing new learning strategies - all very important to this project."

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