DrKW personalises research delivery options

DrKW personalises research delivery options

Investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) has launched PremierNote, a bespoke service for capital markets research delivery via e-mail.

DrKW says PremierNote allows clients to receive research by e-mail in the format, time and frequency that suits them best. Customers can also opt to receive e-mails designed specifically for Blackberry use.

The service covers all published DrKW capital markets research across all asset classes - equities, fixed income, FX, derivatives, index, macro and quant. The bank says the e-mails are lightweight and formatted so as not to clog up user inboxes.

The bank says a poll of its research clients found that over 80% considered e-mail to be the single most important communication channel, yet complained they suffered from vast volumes of e-mails.

Colin Jowers, head of capital markets research operations responsible for developing the service, says: "Clients can now opt to obtain all the information they need from us in a single bespoke daily e-mail covering all sectors and asset classes or alternatively if they want a certain note at a critical time, perhaps relating to a company's results announcement for example, they can register to receive a timely note from us in PC or blackberry format."

DrKW says it recognised that clients needed a more efficient delivery solution when it calculated that it has sent nearly 25 million research e-mails last year. The bank says its new service could cut this traffic by 75%.

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