ValiCert develops WAP-based ID service

ValiCert develops WAP-based ID service

California-based ValiCert has launched m-Commerce Express, an integrated solution designed to provide legal-grade security for enterprise-level wireless transactions.

The initiative marks the first integration of ValiCert's Validation Authority (VA) and Digital Receipt Solutions with a wireless application protocol (WAP) server platform for mobile communication.

Unlike other implementations of wireless security, m-Commerce Express is not dependent on a single specific certificate, certificate authority (CA) implementation or protocol, says the company. Instead, the application is protocol agnostic and promises complete certificate interoperability.

In support of m-Commerce Express, the company has formed an alliance with WAP gateway provider CMG Wireless Data Solutions. As part of the agreement, CMG will integrate and distribute the ValiCert solution with its Wireless Service Broker suite. Users of the combined offering will be assured of the authenticity of trading counterparties and obtain paperless legal-grade proof for their wireless transactions, the companies claim.

ValiCert and CMG cite corporate fund transfers, banking, and stock trading, as potential application areas for the technology.

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