Bloomberg releases PhatPipe market data feed

Bloomberg releases PhatPipe market data feed

After three years in development, Bloomberg has finally launched PhatPipe, its new real-time "platform-agnostic" market data distribution system.

The initial platforms and data feed handlers enabled to integrate Bloomberg PhatPipe are Dealing Object Technology (DOT), HyperFeed Technologies, I-Deal Data Systems, Infodyne, TS-Associates and Wombat Financial Software.

Tricia San Cristobal of Bloomberg, says customers can use the PhatPipe system to deliver real-time data to proprietary and in-house applications: "Bloomberg PhatPipe is completely agnostic when it comes to data platforms, enabling market participants to select data platform and feed handlers that best fit their technology needs."

Bloomberg says the system is based on a flexible, component-based framework enabling it to use open-source technologies and to be seamlessly integrated into all leading operating platforms.

Additional data feed handlers and platform companies offering Bloomberg PhatPipe will be revealed during the following months.

The move to release a data feed that customers can use with proprietary platforms is an attempt to claw market share from its rival Rueters. But market analyst say Reuters is unlikely to feel threatened by the move and the UK news and information group has already taken steps to review its pricing structure and products to compete.

Analysts have told reporters from Dow Jones Newswires that Reuters already has the "structural advantage of a segmented product" rather than Bloomberg's "one-size fits all" approach. Furthermore, by segmenting its own product offering Bloomberg risks downgrading by its existing customers.

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