Singapore Exchange to distribute corporate actions via Swift

Singapore Exchange to distribute corporate actions via Swift

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is to deliver its Singapore corporate actions data in ISO 15022 format over the Swift network.

SGX will begin distributing the corporate actions data on 15 April. The exchange will initiailly distrbute dividends and bonus payment announcements via Swift before adding more corporate actions information such as rights issue to the service.

Mr Daniel Tan, EVP and head of operations, SGX, says: "Corporate action information is an integral part of data information for market intermediaries and investors.

"The new service is part of our continual efforts to meet market participants' demand for standardised information dissemination through a secure and reliable network."

The London Stock Exchange began distributing corporate actions updates in ISO 15022 format over Swift in August last year, while in January this year the Tokyo Stock Exchange linked its Tokyo Market Information service (TMI) to SwiftNet. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange also uses the Swift network as a delivery channel for corporate actions data.

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