SEI automates reconciliations with SmartStream

SEI automates reconciliations with SmartStream

SEI Investments, a US provider of outsourced investment management services, has implemented UK-based SmartStream Technologies' Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) software to automate its reconciliations and exception management processes.

SEI has rolled out the vendor's TLM Reconciliations product, which can be deployed to reconcile all transaction types in real time. The system supports the full range of reconciliation and investigation requirements including multi-way matching and inter-system reconciliations.

Jeff Drennen, senior vice president, SEI, says: "The flexibility of TLM Reconciliations has allowed us to build a reconciliation and exception management solution around our own workflow processes, reducing manual intervention throughout the trade process lifecycle and ensuring exceptions can be routed to, and managed by, the appropriate person or team."

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