Increase in UK call centre jobs

Increase in UK call centre jobs

Despite concerns about the offshoring of jobs to cheaper overseas locations, staff numbers continue to rise in UK call centres according to the latest annual survey by research firm Incomes Data Services.

The survey of 107 UK firms, which collectively employ about 92,000 call centre staff, found that the majority (58%) had hired more people in the past year, up from 51% last year.

Among those organisations with 500 or more call centre staff, the majority expect to create even more jobs in the coming year, with the financial services industry cited as one of the most likely sectors to forecast an expansion, along with telecoms, utilities and the public sector.

Commenting on the research, Sarah Miller, assistant editor, IDS, says: "These findings show that, despite all the worries about work being moved to India, the call centre sector is very much alive in the UK."

But two third of respondents also cited problems with retaining staff - on average around one-in-four staff left last a call centre year.

Miller says most employers in the survey are taking active steps to improve staff retention for example, by building in opportunities for career progression and improving the work environment.

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