Lloyds TSB implements COSuser access management software

Lloyds TSB implements COSuser access management software

Lloyds TSB is rolling out UK-based Open Systems Management's (OSM) COSuser product at its London headquarters to manage staff access to internal networks.

The software, which will be deployed across 230 desktops running IBM AIX and Sun Microsystems Solaris, will be used to control employee access to the Unix infrastructure, allowing the bank to increase security of internal systems.

COSuser provides centralised user administration, password synchronisation, and browser-based workflow for heterogeneous networks of distributed systems.

Lloyds TSB will also use the software to reduce the number of users requiring privileged access to manage the infrastructure. OSM says it COSuser product features an operations workflow tool that allows complex Unix administration routines that would normally require a higher level of access to be delegated to operations staff to be carried in a controlled, audited basis without the individual having to inherit privileged access rights.

Bob Spencer, head of group IT security and risk at Lloyds TSB, says: "The bank needed to meet legislative requirements and ensure that best practice for access security was being implemented. In COSuser we found a product that could perform both user provisioning and privileged user management."

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