Citi pilots Flashline component re-use tool

Citi pilots Flashline component re-use tool

Flashline has announced the availability of Component Manager 2, Enterprise Edition (CMEE), an application that promotes and monitors software component re-use across the enterprise. CitiMortgages, the online lending arm of Citibank, is piloting CMEE to implement and manage a total re-use solution.

Andy Zimmerman, senior systems architect at CitiMortgage comments: "We expect to see dramatic increases in productivity and significant reductions in development costs as we use Flashline Component Manager throughout multiple software development efforts across the enterprise. We are committed to component reuse and believe that it will allow CitiMortgage to deliver high quality applications faster than ever."

CMEE manages software as a corporate asset, promoting component re-use within the enterprise. It includes a searchable repository, quality assurance standards templates, and a tracking and reporting system.

"In order for corporations to realise component reuse at an enterprise level, corporations need a component management infrastructure," comments Tracy Corbo, senior analyst, application development strategies, Hurwitz Group. "Flashline has created a component management tool that gives corporations a way to track, measure, and report the use of components at an enterprise level."

She says the product should help corporations maximise re-use and provide valuable insight into the software development life cycle.

Introductory pricing for CMEE is offered at $60,000 for an unlimited server license and an additional $1800 annual license fee per user.

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