Ad campaign aims to educate cardholders about chip and PIN

Ad campaign aims to educate cardholders about chip and PIN

The UK's Chip and PIN Programme is launching a national advertising campaign, to educate consumers about the switch to the new payments system.

The campaign, which runs for 13 weeks, aims to educate cardholders about the use of PINs at the point-of-sale (POS), with specific messages about how to unlock their PIN, how to change numbers and to encourage cardholders to keep PINs secret.

The Chip and PIN programme claims roll-out of the technology is on track and that its research suggests that 94% of consumers are aware the new technology.

But recent research by Detica found that 60% of British cardholders still know little or nothing about the programme and more than one-in-four consumers would be unhappy entering their PIN at a public point-of-sale terminal.

Furthermore, results of a survey published by Retail Logic in May this year showed that a quarter of the UK's retailers remain unconvinced of the benefits of moving to chip and PIN for plastic card transactions. The research also suggests that only 53% of the retailers would be ready before the January deadline.

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