NCR releases Aptra Relate ATM personalisation software in the UK

NCR releases Aptra Relate ATM personalisation software in the UK

ATM manufacturer NCR is releasing its Aptra Relate software in the UK, which enables financial firms to provide customers with personalised services over the cash machine network.

The software enables banks to run customer relationship management (CRM) campaigns through the ATM channel and allows consumers to personalise ATM transactions. Once a customer enters their PIN, they can be greeted by name and the machine will go straight to their usual transaction without having to use the normal selection options.

NCR says an NOP survey has revealed that 69% of customers select the same services each time they use a cash machine. Personalising ATMs to the usual service means there are fewer screens to navigate, which cuts transaction times by up to a third.

The software also enables customers to set reminders of important financial information such as insurance renewal. Reminders flash up on the ATM while transactions are processed.

Fiona McDade, NCR's APTRA Relate product manager, says: "Offers and reminders flash up on the ATM while transactions are processed, making the whole process both more convenient and appropriate compared with contact by direct mail or outbound call centres."

The vendor says it expect some UK banks to deploy the software within the next year as firms look to extend the function and customer service value of ATMs beyond cash withdrawal, mobile phone top-ups and cheque deposits.

Banks in North America, the Netherlands and Asia have used the software to link the ATM network to CRM databases. The application allows one-to-one communications to be delivered on the ATM and integrated with other marketing channels at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.

NCR says the response mechanism at the ATM is instant as customers simply press a button to reply. For example, if a customer requests a cash withdrawal that takes them over their overdraft limit, an extension can be accepted through the ATM. The bank then follows up with more information on the offer through another channel, such as a call centre or Internet.

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