Barclays implement Marimba for global software delivery

Barclays implement Marimba for global software delivery

Barclays Global Investors has chosen Marimba's Castanet product line to streamline the distribution and management of approximately 350 applications to desktop and mobile systems around the world. The bank will roll out Castanet to over 3000 endpoints worldwide including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands and the UK as part of a planned migration to Windows 2000.

The new global distribution mechanism replaces a hotchpotch of processes used for the deployment and management of shrink-wrapped and custom applications says Tarquin Thomas, applications manager at BGI.

Castanet scales to service a large number of geographically dispersed end-users through load balancing, caching and synchronisation mechanisms, the company says. These mechanisms make it possible to allow faster, more reliable download times, while servicing thousands of simultaneous users.

Simon Bullers, Intel architect at BGI, says Castanet allows the bank to consolidate a number of different application distribution solutions and manual processes under a single automated solution umbrella.

"As we move forward, we see Castanet acting as the cornerstone tool of our Windows 2000 migration project. As we move to an environment of packaging all of our own applications, the packaging options Marimba provides will allow us to cover all our situations," says Bullers.

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