Commerzbank to introduce Keba cash recycling ATMs

Commerzbank to introduce Keba cash recycling ATMs

Germany's Commerzbank is to introduce self service cash machines from Austrian ATM manufacturer Keba that enable customers to pay cash into their accounts as well as withdraw money.

Customers can use the the Rondo 4cashcycle+, which incorporates both a cash-in and cash dispenser in a single terminal, to deposit both banknotes and coins as well as to withdraw cash.

The 'cash recycling' machine places paid-in banknotes in cassettes, which are paid out if a customer requests a withdrawal. The ATM has the capacity to handle 12,000 banknotes.

The bank plans to install 100 Keba machines in branch offices from autumn 2004. It is expected that the machines will ultimately replace the night safe for business customers, as daily cash takings are deposited and booked online.

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