Schwab launches European IPO Centre

Schwab launches European IPO Centre

Charles Schwab Europe is to launch an online IPO (initial public offering) Centre in collaboration with

With an online registration and application service, the IPO Centre will seek to provide private investors with the means to participate in a company's initial public offering and regular updates about current and forthcoming IPOs.

Bob Dusté, chief executive officer of Charles Schwab Europe says: "The ability to invest in companies as they come to market is a key factor for every investor looking for growth. UK investors are growing in sophistication and there's an ongoing need to provide the relevant investment opportunities and tools to meet their needs."

Prospective investors will need to open an account with Schwab before they can use the service, which is scheduled for launch later this month.

EO already has partnerships with online brokers including Charles Schwab Europe, Sharepeople, Stockacademy and Stocktrade to provide users with direct access to investment opportunities from its own dedicated Web site.

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