EBS in Aussie and Canadian dollar drive

EBS in Aussie and Canadian dollar drive

Interbank currency dealing system EBS has announced a major drive to stimulate Aussie and Canadian FX trading volumes over its automated platform.

New Aussie and CAD packages have been designed in direct response to traders' needs for price, depth and liquidity, says EBS, and for access to trading on the G7 currencies. The initiative is intended to extend the range of the EBS spot platform, which is currently used principally for dealing in US dollar, euro and yen.

Jack Jeffery, chief executive officer, EBS, comments: "We will be focussing our efforts to encourage more volume onto our system at critical times of the day and to create and sustain the Aussie and the CAD trading communities."

Aussie and CAD traders will also be able to join the EBS Club House - a dedicated online service providing access to currency-related news and data.

The first EBS Club House floor for Sterling traders was launched in July 2003, and now claims more than 400 members. EBS says that two-thirds of the Sterling community registered within just 48 hours of launch.

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