Royalblue introduces new pricing model for market data delivery

Royalblue introduces new pricing model for market data delivery

UK trading technology vendor royalblue is introducing a new commodity pricing model for market data delivery over its fidessa workstation.

Traditionally vendors have charged a flat fee for products, regardless of how much of the data is used. Under the new model, fidessa users will no longer pay for the application to view market data, but will be able to choose the data they want and pay the corresponding source cost - such as exchange fees. Royalblue will then add a fixed percentage 'carriage' fee to cover provision, display and support.

Commenting on the pricing model, Simon Barnby, business development manager at royalblue, says: "We have to accept that market data is no longer a premium service - it's a commodity and it needs to be priced as such."

Barnby adds: "The clear message from our customers is that they want a pricing model for data that is transparent, flexible and scalable as well as being highly cost-effective. They have users with differing needs and this new solution accepts and accommodates that."

The fidessa system currently supports access to real-time data from 21 markets across Europe and North America, along with associated data such as news, fundamentals and charts.

The new pricing model will become effective from 1st August 2004.

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