Brewin Consulting to release Reference Data Diagnostic product

Brewin Consulting to release Reference Data Diagnostic product

Financial services consultancy Brewin Consulting is launching its Reference Data Diagnostic (RDD) product which is designed to help firms detect, manage and improve inaccurate reference data.

The software enables firms to identify and analyse reasons why data quality may be poor and ways to improve it. The product allows data improvement and monitoring processes to be implemented in a phased, low risk way that is easy to control, says the vendor.

RDD includes a customised reference data rule base - including client and product - which runs on the Infoshare diagnostic engine, as well as an integrated analysis and reporting engine. The system also features advanced fuzzy and artificial intelligence matching and describes data in business terms.

John Cant, director, Brewin Consulting, says: "Clients find the ability to start the analysis in a small way and get measurable business benefits out quickly with Reference Data Diagnostics is very attractive."

He says the firm already has a European pilot underway, ahead of the formal launch.

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