Merrill to Webcast global research

Merrill to Webcast global research

Merrill Lynch is to expand its digital media programming to broadcast video clips of analyst's commentary and recommendations to clients over the Web and via e-mail.

The expanded digital media programming will be produced through a partnership with California's iBeam Broadcasting which will supply a dedicated global staff to capture and deliver the research content. The services will be distributed via e-mails and Webcasts on Merrill Lynch Internet channels.

"Merrill Lynch customers worldwide will now have access to more research than ever before, available in more compelling and interesting media programming," says Andrew Melnick, director of Merrill Lynch's global securities research & economics team. "With digital media reports, they can see and hear analysts, economists and strategists discuss their views and recommendations on demand and at anytime."

Clients will be able to hear analysts discuss breaking news and deliver commentary from Merrill Lynch's morning call, a meeting that has traditionally been targeted to the firm's internal sales force. Clients will also get "mediaNotes," audio and video programmes in which analysts interview key leading industry executives and discuss their views and recommendations about sectors. William McIlroy, director of strategic new media research marketing, will manage the programming initiative.

This latest initiative builds on Merrill's experience with its TechTalk technology research programme which has been Webcast since 2000.

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