Andrew Muir quits SunGard to head Singularity Financial Solutions Practice

Andrew Muir quits SunGard to head Singularity Financial Solutions Practice

Derry-based process automation outfit Singularity has appointed Andrew Muir, a former VP of SunGard's business integration unit, to head up a new Finance Solutions Practice.

The new Practice has been established to capitalise on demand for straight-through processing solutions in the financial markets.

Muir, a former associate director at financial messaging specialist Braid, should have no problem settling at Singularity - the privately held company was set up ten years ago by Braid's former head of US operations Padraig Canavan and is chaired by one-time Braid director and co-founder Peter Little.

The firm claims more than 150 financial institution clients worldwide, including a showpiece installation of the Singularity BPM platform at JPMorgan. The firm recently struck a deal with Ascential Software to provide ongoing support to the installed Braid customer base, inherited from Ascential's acquisition of Mercator. It is pitching the Singularity Process Platform as a mechanism for preparing legacy middleware for the next generation of trade processing utilities, such as Omgeo CTM and SwiftNet.

In creating the new Practice, Singularity is positioning itself to undertake end-to-end automation projects from initial concept through to implementation and ongoing support, complementing clients' own automation teams according to need, says Canavan.

Since the sale of Braid, Muir has done the rounds of financial middleware firms, including spells at Fidelity, Thomson (now Omgeo), Reuters and Mercator. He joined SunGard Business Integration in July last year.

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