Deutsche Börse talks up Dutch segment

Deutsche Börse talks up Dutch segment

Deutsche Börse is reporting a tripling in order size and strong growth in participants trading Dutch equities on Xetra - three months after the new segment was introduced in a bid to woo disaffected brokers away from rival exchange Euronext.

The German exchange says average order size has tripled to about EUR30,000 and the number of traders has increased by 25%, with Dutch banks and financial services providers trailing the German and British contingent as the most active users.

Participants are able to trade all of the 25 equities in the Dutch AEX25 blue-chip index on Xetra. Royal Dutch, Unilever and Philipps top the Xetra rankings as the most liquid Dutch shares.

Deutsche Börse is reimbursing part of the fees to the most active participants and bearing the costs of the technical connection to Xetra for new customers.

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is also preparing to launch its own Dutch trading service in late March and promises to undercut Euronext fees by 40%.

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