OTI records volume increase in contactless fuel programme

OTI records volume increase in contactless fuel programme

Contactless card outfit On Track Innovations is reporting 75% annual volume growth in the FuelMaster loyalty programme operated at BP outlets in South Africa

OTI says FuelMaster sales increased from 100 million litres in 2002 to approximately 175 million litres in 2003, not including the volumes from the FuelMaster Express programme for private motorists.

The FuelMaster programme monitors and expedites the fueling and payment process for fleets. The system permits the fueling of designated vehicles only and provides fleet managers with comprehensive billing, while reporting fuel consumption and mileage.

FuelMaster Express, which is aimed at private motorists, uses an OTI contactless smart key fob to carry a driver's payment information. The key fob is presented to the reader located on the pump and can be used at the convenience store for purchasing and gaining loyalty points. In 2003 ABSA, the largest retail bank in South Africa joined the programme.

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