Barra ships buy-side credit risk tool

Barra ships buy-side credit risk tool

Californian risk management technology vendor Barra has released Barra Credit, a new Web-based product designed for credit analysts and portfolio managers to identify potential default risk earlier and more accurately.

Featuring quantitative measures of credit risk from the bond, equity and derivative markets, Barra Credit enables managers to screen a large number of assets down to an actionable number, focusing their attention and additional analysis on the biggest problems and opportunities says Deepak Gulrajani, managing director and chief investment officer at Descartes Capital in San Rafael, California.

"Barra Credit is the most comprehensive collection of credit measures we've found," he says. "By combining Barra's quantitative measures of credit risk along with our own research and analysis, we have more confidence in our views. And since it is an ASP product, we've found it's simple to use and maintain."

Barra Credit 1.1 is delivered as an ASP offering via standard Internet browser with pricing based on a combination of data selection and number of users.

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