Visa USA launches data management portal

Visa USA launches data management portal

Visa USA has launched a Web portal service designed to provide private and public sector firms with access to a secure, centralised online repository of payment-related data.

The Visa Information Management portal will be available to firms via Visa member banks.

Visa says the service, which can be used in conjunction with custom-developed systems from its member banks, improves visibility of procurement and payment data and features reporting tools for commercial transactions.

The system provides single sign on to Visa reporting applications and also includes an integrated mailbox capability that allows employees to share reports, upload and download files and convert documents into preferred formats. The portal also includes tools for integrating transaction data into back office systems and setting user restrictions.

Mike Dreyer, senior vice president of commercial solutions, Visa USA, says: "We are delighted to be able to offer our member banks a comprehensive solution that is able to capture and integrate all payment information so that their clients can make better business decisions while realising greater efficiency and cost savings."

As part of the Web portal service, Visa has upgraded its reporting tool, Information Source. New features of the system include tailored account coding to match existing accounting practices and US and international tax reports that include tax estimates.

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