Moneyline introduces hosted data distribution service

Moneyline introduces hosted data distribution service

Moneyline Telerate has launched iHost, a managed data distribution platform based on its revamped trading room system TRS.

Moneyline says iHost, which is a hosted version of TRS (previously MTRS), was created to help customers reduce the time, costs and resources associated with operating a market data platform.

The service will be operated from server farms that are monitored 24-hours-a-day and based at centrally located facilities around the world.

Clients signing up to the service will have their own system dedicated to providing data, entitlements, network monitoring and access to feed APIs.

Christopher Feeney, CEO, Moneyline Telerate, says the iHost system lowers costs by reducing infrastructure, provides reporting tools and offers a variety of options for displaying and analysing data including the vendor's Active8 front-end.

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