Esure to use lie detection system to cut car insurance fraud

Esure to use lie detection system to cut car insurance fraud

UK online insurer esure is to use voice risk analysis (VRA) technology in an attempt to cut fraudulent motor insurance claims.

The pilot for the Digilog lie detection system will initially be used to analyse higher risk car insurance claims. Esure says the technology is likely to be extended to home insurance claims in the future.

VRA identifies changes in the voice that can occur when a speaker is showing higher levels of stress while giving a statement or answering a question. The technology registers and assesses the frequency of these voice changes.

The system will be used to fast-track cases where no adverse risk is registered during the claim logging call, says esure. In cases where high levels of risk are registered, the system will be used to trigger further investigation of suspicious aspects of the claim.

Gordon Hannah, esure's head of claims, says: "Voice risk analysis cannot disadvantage a genuine claimant, it will only ever speed up their claim. It will, however, provide an indicator of potentially fraudulent claims and can help direct the search for concrete evidence of fraud."

Hannah insists the system is not intrusive and says claimants will be told if their call is being recorded and analysed.

UK banking group and esure shareholder HBOS announced plans in August to test the use of the Digilog technology in a bid to cut down on fraudulent house insurance claims.

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