EuroMTS to launch Greek Market

EuroMTS to launch Greek Market

EuroMTS will provide access to all 11 eurozone fixed income markets with the launch on Monday of MTS Greek Market, a segment of the electronic trading platform that lists all Greek government bonds.

The MTS Greek Market will list all Greek government bonds with a minimum of €2 billion outstanding and will complement the trading of Greek benchmark government bonds already listed on the platform. Clearing and settlement will be provided by the National Bank of Greece.

The new market has already secured the support of 19 market makers and 12 market takers. Currently 19 issues are eligible for trading.

Gianluca Garbi, chief executive officer, EuroMTS, says: "MTS has always endeavored to promote the integration of European bond markets. With the advent of the MTS Greek Market, we move a step closer in this direction as all sovereign debt markets in the eurozone will now be seamlessly connected on one system."

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