Visa adds sound and vision to online payments

Visa adds sound and vision to online payments

Visa is to bring sound and vision to the e-payments markets with the introduction of an animated logo and audible signal every time a Visa product is used in an online transaction.

The new animated logo and sound will signal that a Visa product is being used for payment over a PC, a mobile phone, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), or other types of devices where a physical payment card may not be present.

"The sound and animation will be used as a navigational cue when face-to-face service is not possible in the transaction process," says Caroline McNally, Visa International’s senior vice president of global brand management. "The challenge in today’s marketplace is to ensure that the Visa brand is present even when a Visa card is not."

The Visa sound and vision experience will run for approximately two seconds as a transaction is made. One of Visa’s marketing partners, MedicinePlanet, will be the first online company to incorporate the Visa signal into its payment process.

Visa anticipates a wide spectrum of uses for the sound and animation ranging from pure brand expressions such as part of the sign-on to its Web site,, to being directly tied to the Visa payment experience.

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