Nyenburgh rolls out MarketXSPro for Windows

Nyenburgh rolls out MarketXSPro for Windows

Dutch securities broker Nyenburgh is rolling out 20 MarketXSPro for Windows data terminals across its offices in Amsterdam, Heerenveen, Roermond and Den Bosch.

The agreement will result in an increase of the number of MarketXSPro terminals in use at the Nyenburgh.

MarketXSPro delivers analytics and real-time information from markets worldwide and features a fully customisable user interface, Windows-based navigation and a full streaming integration with Microsoft Excel.

The terminal obtains data through the Internet or leased lines using the firewall-friendly HTTP protocol and requires no additional investments in any local infrastructure.

Duco Frie of Nyenburgh, says: "In view of the considerable expansion of our day trading activities we decided on MarketXS because they offer value for money."

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