JPMorgan moves MorganMarkets to Caplin RTTP platform

JPMorgan moves MorganMarkets to Caplin RTTP platform

JPMorgan has migrated its market research and data portal MorganMarkets on to Caplin's Real Time Text Protocol (RTTP) platform.

JPMorgan is using Caplin technology to provide real-time tradable and indicative prices to the 17,000 customer and employee users of its information portal. MorganMarkets service has been converted to utilise Caplin's Wide Area Messaging (WAM) technology, allowing the bank to embed its real time data directly into its existing portal.

Caplin says it Liberator server, based on the RTTP protocol, can support up to 30,000 concurrent users per server and benchmarks at 1.25 million user-updates a second per server.

Lawrence Miller, vice president, JPMorgan, says: "Now we have the reliability and performance of a traditional fixed line network but over an intranet, extranet or the Internet."

Using Caplin toolkits, various JPMorgan departments and pricing engines contribute proprietary data to a pair of Liberator servers running on Solaris. Data is then streamed in real time to the MorganMarkets site.

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