Apama releases real time analytics package for financial services firms

Apama releases real time analytics package for financial services firms

Cambridge-based Apama has launched a suite of real time analytics and data management software for electronic traders in the wholesale financial markets.

Apama says the technology allows financial institutions to analyse, evaluate and respond to business events instantly.

The system filters data from multiple sources - including Reuters and Bloomberg market data or tick data from any financial exchange - in accordance with pre defined scenarios. It can be programmed to respond to key events by issuing alerts, an automated process or alternative action.

John Bates, CTO, Apama, says: "Apama's technology ignores all irrelevant data and concentrates on capturing the data that is relevant to the user's scenarios. By only executing the logic against data matching requirements, there is less data to analyse, which means faster response times."

Apama says the technology can help firms in a number of areas, including proprietary trading, risk, fraud, compliance, financial position and exposure.

Alison Pothier, global head of electronic trading for futures & options, JPMorgan, spoke in support of the concept at the product launch today: "Traders are benefiting from increased transparency and speed of execution following the advent of electronic trading," she says. "Tools like Apama reflect true advancement in this space by enabling traders to model and execute complex trade ideas with millisecond response times. These applications are the next generation in trade automation."

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