Isitc reports back on blockchain meet

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ISITC Europe held its inaugural Blockchain Working Group meeting last week which was kindly hosted by Gary Wright from B.I.S.S. and the London Metropolitan University.

I am pleased to advise that a very strong mix of executives, operational and technology specialists as well as consultants and technology suppliers joined a lively introduction to Blockchain. I was also thrilled to see a number of the University students and lecturers in the room as well as the Dean of the Campus who introduced the afternoon.

The content of the speakers presentation materials can be found on the ISITC Europe website including an update from myself on the ISITC Europe strategy.

A number of points were raised in the event and included:
1. ISITC Europe will look to collaborate with any existing forum that is engaged in Blockchain discussion on operational and technical definitions. ISITC Europe welcomes representatives from existing forums to sit on the ISITC Europe work group and likewise would encourage ISITC Europe representatives to be invited to other forums.
2. Blockchain discussions bring up standards, regulatory and indeed industry collaboration items which will be facilitated through workgroup members sitting on more than one of ISITC Europe’s work groups. The ISITC Europe Leadership Group (IELG) consists of work group leaders who will share these common themes and ensure details are past across the verticals.
3. The next stage for the Blockchain Work group is to organise regular meetings, define the scope and deliverables of the work group and elect a leader to represent the entire group on behalf of ISITC Europe and at the IELG. Gary Wright has offered to coordinate this and I would ask that you contact the ISITC Administrator or myself to volunteer for the workgroup.

I am also pleased to announce the following:
1. As a result of the above event, ISITC Europe will sponsor the membership of the London Metropolitan University as a pilot scheme to encourage the collaboration of academia and Financial Markets. This will allow the students and lecturers to have access to the work groups and the content published on the ISITC website as well as attendance at General meetings held throughout the year.
2. ISITC Membership allows ISITC Europe to continue and grow its function as an independent not for profit organisation. The GBP 250 + VAT fee covers an entire organisation. Invoices are being sent out now for this year and I would encourage all interested parties to subscribe. ISITC Europe will allow open access to its website content until 31st March 2016 after which certain areas will be restricted to members only.
3. I am pleased to advise that the first General Meeting will be held at Citibank in Canary Wharf on 26th April 2016 from 0800 to 1300. A full agenda and details will be sent over the next few weeks.

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