InComm releases API for point-of-sale application development

Source: InComm

InComm today announced the launch of Cashtie™ Cloud Match Service, a RESTful API that enables loyalty program, mobile wallet and digital coupon providers to offer their capabilities to InComm's retail network without lengthy integration or new hardware to install at a retailer's point-of-sale (POS).

Many of the POS solutions in market today are limited in their ability to activate and process transactions that involve scanning digital barcodes on mobile phones. Doing so requires most retailers to upgrade their POS hardware and software, which is a long and costly process. InComm's Cashtie Cloud Match Service, on the other hand, enables providers and retailers to seamlessly manage and process mobile barcode transactions without any changes to the POS system, leveraging the established host-to-host connectivity between InComm and the retailer and InComm's barcode activation.

Here is how the Cashtie service works: a consumer selects to display a barcode for a coupon, payment or loyalty transaction within a mobile application and presents the barcode on their mobile phone to a cashier to be scanned. When the barcode is scanned from the mobile phone at the POS, the Cashtie Cloud Match Service instantly receives the transaction information. The cloud match service uses the transaction details to match, in the cloud, the transaction at a specific cash register within a particular retail location and the provider that is associated with the barcode. Cashtie then shares this information with the provider, who matches it to a specific consumer and responds with the transaction details for making a payment, receiving a discount or gaining loyalty points. Cashtie then sends the details for the transaction back to the POS either via InComm's proprietary switching technology, as part of InComm's Enhanced Payment Platform or to any third party switching solution used by the retailer. All of this occurs in real-time.

Key Benefits of Cashtie Cloud Match Service include:

No POS changes or expensive installations for retailers
Retailers can provide consumers with more choices for loyalty, coupons and payments
Providers can implement their programs with retailers quickly, without being subject to retailer implementation time
Providers can expand to more retailto more retailers, helping drive adoption by more consumers
Consumers can use their phones for transactions rather than carry paper coupons or loyalty cards and have more flexibility in how they make payments
Cashtie's barcode tokenization eliminates the transmission of any sensitive consumer data from the device to the POS

To get started, providers simply sign up for the Cashtie API, which enables them to create an InComm-enabled barcode and specify the use for that barcode (a payment, loyalty or coupon transaction). They can then leverage InComm's existing integrations with retailers to enable transactions at the POS.

"Cashtie Cloud Match provides a solution that works today to enable retailers and emerging payment and loyalty providers to transact," said Thomas Cornelius, senior vice president, InComm. "While other options are available, they require changes to the cash register or the installation of expensive new equipment, so for the first time partners and retailers leveraging Cashtie's Cloud Match solution can offer new payment, coupon and loyalty solutions that their customers demand today, while the hardware and software upgrade cycle of retailers may still be years out."

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