Poland's Getin Bank deploys Hitachi finger vein biometric tech in branches

Source: Hitachi

Getin Bank, representing the retail part of Getin Noble Bank SA,one of the best known banking brands in Poland and Hitachi Europe Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd (TSE:6501) in consortium with Wincor Nixdorf Sp. z o.o., today announced that Getin Bank is implementing Hitachi's finger vein biometric authentication in the new Getin Up branch network.

Nowadays, biometrics is considered to be the best method of authentication in the banking sector with a wide range of applications, including at ATMs, branches and internet banking payments. "Within the framework of Getin Up project we want to offer our customers the package of technical innovations that will facilitate them day-by-day using of banking services. Our long-term objective is to implement biometrics in all bank branches." - said Karol Karolkiewicz, member of the Management Board of Getin Noble Bank.

Biometric technology is used to authenticate a person based on unique human physical or behavioural characteristics such as iris, fingerprint, voice or finger vein patterns. Getin Bank chose finger vein biometrics based on it being safe and secure via the use of the unique structure of blood vessels inside fingers. It is a solution optimised for banking with one of the largest deployments in that sector in the world, via a large number of Japanese banks.

With such innovators as Getin Bank, biometric technology is setting the new standard of identity authentication in the Polish banking sector, showing the other banks in the European market the safest way to both secure banking transactions and verify customer identity. "This prestigious implementation of Finger Vein technology by Getin Bank further demonstrates the leading position in Europe of the Polish Banking Sector in the development and application of innovative services for retail banking. Hitachi Europe is delighted to have assisted Getin Bank in this important project that further underlines the leading position of Hitachi's Finger Vein solution in the banking industry." - said Hirohiko Hirama, Executive General Manager of Information Systems Group, Hitachi Europe Ltd..

"Finger Vein Biometrics provides the highest security, speed and convenience of transactions in the Bank branch. This is because we are using the biometric data located inside our body which guaranteeees privacy for all users." - said Tadeusz Woszczyński, representing Hitachi Europe Ltd. as Director of the Security Solutions Group in Poland and the Central and Eastern Europe region.

Starting from March 2013, this innovative authentication system will be used in selected new branches of Getin. Customer identity verification using biometrics can be performed in the new branches of the bank once the customer has provided relevant enrolment information. Positive identity verification will confirm the identity of the customer, alleviating the need to show identity cards. The bank's implementation will mean that after authentication, customers will be able to make declarations of will for payment orders, other types of operations and the conclusion of new contracts without a handwritten signature.

The finger vein system was delivered to Getin Bank by a consortium of Hitachi Europe. and Wincor Nixdorf Sp. z o.o., the Polish branch of the global ATM manufacturer and provider of IT solutions dedicated for the banking and retail sectors. "Wincor Nixdorf as a strategic partner of Hitachi, intensively supports the implementations of finger vein solutions, believing that it is the future of banking, both in Poland and throughout the whole of Europe" - said Adam Matyaszek, Vice President, Head of Banking in Wincor Nixdorf Sp. z o.o. and responsible for managing the strategy for growth in the banking sector and financial institutions. 

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