Chirpify moves beyond PayPal for social payments

Source: Chirpify

Chirpify, the social commerce platform, today announced that members can now accept domestic and international credit and debit cards, as well as send and accept automated clearing house (ACH) payments, directly in-stream with a single comment on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram through Chirpify.

Previously, Chirpify exclusively enabled in-stream payments via PayPal.

"Our brands and members want optionality when it comes to paying and payment acceptance," said Chirpify CEO Chris Teso. "With direct payment processing we are making the transaction as frictionless as possible for consumers, eliminating the need to connect with another payment platform outside of Chirpify. For brands, the direct payment acceptance lowers fees by eliminating the need for a third party, and enables wider acceptance beyond just PayPal."

How Chirpify Pay By Credit Card, Debit Card and ACH Works
The first time a consumer makes a purchase with Chirpify, they simply sign up at and either enter their credit card, debit card or bank routing information, or connect their account to PayPal. After that, all they have to do to make a purchase is reply to a tweet, or comment on a Facebook or Instagram post with the words, "buy," "donate" or "gimme."

Chirpify now directly accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. In just a year since launching, dozens of the world's most recognizable brands -- enterprise, consumer and music, such as Adidas, the Portland Trailblazers, Green Day, Snoop Dogg and more -- have leveraged the Chirpify platform to transact in-stream on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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