Warsaw Stock Exchange launches futures trading training platform

Source: Warsaw Stock Exchange

As part of its educational initiatives addressed to investors, the Warsaw Stock Exchange has launched a unique learning platform for investments in futures: GPWtr@der.

The system has been designed for novice investors who wish to expand their knowledge of the derivatives market and discover the practical mechanisms of investment in available financial instruments.

After logging in, each user gets 10,000 virtual zlotys to invest in instruments available on the platform. GPWtr@der offers investments in WIG20 and mWIG40 futures, 22 single-stock futures, as well as futures on three currency pairs (EUR/PLN, USD/PLN, CHF/PLN).

The platform tracks the futures market and allows users to trade in instruments listed on the WSE based on real-life quotations in the continuous trading system with a 15 minute time lag. This solution allows investors trading with virtual account to experience the dynamic of changes on the derivatives market and acquire experience necessary to invest on real account.

A novelty feature of the platform is the mode of execution of orders. An investor may trade at a price resulting from actual bid or ask quotations on the market whether or not there is an opposite order for the same quantity of contracts. This feature largely facilitates trading.

What sets GPWtr@der apart from other similar platforms is its close similarity to client systems used by brokerage houses, including a simulation of brokerage fees that are charged by the system.

The platform is a project that has been fully developed and implemented by the WSE. It is the first such comprehensive educational tool made available to investors by the Exchange. It will later be extended to include simulations of investments in exchange-traded options as well as a mobile version of GPWtr@der for portable devices.

GPWtr@der is an application in the Polish language version with an intuitive user interface. The only requirement for platform users is to have an internet-enabled computer.

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