Wolfram launches finance platform

Source: Wolfram

Wolfram Research signals a new dawn of innovation in the computational finance market with its much-anticipated Wolfram Finance Platform.

Described as "the ultimate computation environment--now for finance," the platform promises to deliver a much higher level of computational integrity, automated workflows, speed, accuracy, and effectiveness than has previously been possible.

Renowned for being the computational power behind science and engineering with their Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha technologies, Wolfram focuses attention and expertise to accelerate computational workflows in finance. Wolfram Finance Platform is a suite of technologies for software development that integrates computation, data analysis, visualization, and reporting, which combine to deliver smarter results faster.

"As algorithmic agility comes center stage in finance, platform integration and automation become crucial for competitiveness," says Conrad Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. "Finance tools often are outmoded compared with modern, smart computation in other fields. That's a key facet of what Wolfram Finance Platform fixes--injecting the smartest algorithmic tools into finance workflows."

"Wolfram Finance Platform is ideal for organizations that understand the need for a coherent enterprise computation strategy," says Jamie Smith, Senior Finance Account Manager. "It brings together workflows for traders, front office, and risk managers and reporting, back-office, and senior management, as well as improving our offering for quants who already rely on our Mathematica technology."

"New integrated capabilities, including CUDA-accelerated pricing calculations, and data feeds, such as Bloomberg and interactive reporting tools, are all just the start of our increased focus on finance," says Samuel Chen, Product Manager of Wolfram Finance Platform. "But as well as new technology, we are rolling out a new package of professional services, including bespoke onsite training, consultancy, and 24-hour support."

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