HyperWallet files provisional patent

Source: HyperWallet

HyperWallet Systems, a leading provider of global payment solutions, today announced the filing of a new provisional patent.

The software program behind the patent permits a person to receive funds electronically without having to be a member of the system responsible for transferring the funds, or being a member of the same system as the person sending the funds. The provisional patent filing expands the company's intellectual property portfolio and highlights hyperWALLET's commitment to product development, service innovation and growth.

"Competition is fierce in the e-wallet and m-wallet industry", states Lisa Shields, President & CEO of hyperWALLET Systems Inc. "This product enhancement further distinguishes hyperWALLET from the pack of companies seeking to provide next-generation payments services today."

hyperWALLET's latest software product can help financial services companies and multi-nationals send money globally in a low-cost, low hassle manner, and in accordance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing best practices. The software is fully configurable for the end user via a set of communication protocols including email, phone and SMS text messaging.

Like all of hyperWALLET's products, the software behind this filing is made available through a traditional software license, and as a software product coupled with other services, including foreign exchange, treasury management and customer service provided through hyperWALLET's in-house call centre. 

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