CMC Markets launches spread betting platform

Source: CMC Markets

CMC Markets, one of the leading providers of financial spread betting in the UK, has announced the launch of its brand new spread betting platform.

Executive Chairman and founder of CMC Markets, Peter Cruddas commented: "CMC Markets want to revolutionise the way people trade financial markets in the future and have invested heavily over the past three years transforming our technology and service. We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new spread betting platform to the UK market."

The new trading platform has been completely re-built from the ground up, offering an unparalleled, rich media trading experience.

Kerem Ozelli, Head of Product Development at CMC Markets says: "Our customers want flexibility in the way they use applications and the ability to customise and personalise to their preferences. The new platform has been designed around a number of integral themes to spread betters: usability, transparency and customisation."

The new CMC Markets spread betting platform offers new functionality including plotting transactions and trading off charts, transaction-based stop losses, streaming video, and drag and drop technology.

"Technology has always been part of our DNA and we are confident that our new trading platform is the best we've ever built," said Peter Cruddas

CMC Markets has also developed a brand new pricing engine which means that all trades are executed automatically with no dealer intervention and best of all, no re-quotes.

"We've spent huge amounts of time and money getting our pricing systems to be world class with the ability to offer our customers consistently competitive prices. Our innovative new way of pricing means we can offer a cash price on commodities. This means our clients can spread bet on commodities without the complexity of futures contracts, expiration dates, roll-overs and the need to manage delivery and settlement of physical goods," said Peter Cruddas

They have also completed a comprehensive brand repositioning with a very clear focus on customer championship and the continuous delivery of fair outcomes to their customers.

"A new multi-channel consumer-focused brand will position CMC Markets as a leader in online trading and investment and drive a clear and consistent global identity reflected and amplified through image, behaviour, product innovation and internal culture. A customer-centric vision drives this philosophy and we are confident that CMC Markets will become the undisputed brand of choice in all of our global markets," says Vic Darvey, Director of Marketing.

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